Are you a Business Owner who sells products or services online and would like to gain...

a legal competitive advantage by having a skilled professional:

Identify Your Potential Competitive Advantages (PCAs)

Evaluate Your Digital Assets & expose dangers of using AI

Learn How To Safely Use AI to Create Digital Content & Assets

Manage the back-and-forth with government offices, and

Stop your competitors from plagiarizing your business

...So That You, Your Family and Business Can Thrive?

I Created the E5 Business Protection System to Give That Advantage to Business Owners Just Like YOU!

My 500+ Clients like you have used My E5 System to Capture Their Competitive Advantages and Secure Market Share, Funding, Financing, Fame and more, such as:

  • Funding by Angel, Private Equity & Institutional Investments

  • Financing for growth and expansion

  • Establishing business credibility

  • Avoiding legal ‘near-misses’ (such as using an already-registered name or image without knowing it)

  • Focusing on business, knowing that valuable assets are secure

“As a new solopreneur, navigating last-minute

legal issues is stressful! Steven expertly assisted

me, and I give him my absolute highest recommendation.

Rarely, if ever, do I find a knowledgable lawyer

who is also a consummate and successful

business professional.

Steven’s both, and speaks ‘plain English’!”

Ellin Sidell


“A troll tried to hold my now Wall-Street Journal best-seller “You Are The Brand” hostage - the week before it published.

Fortunately, long before that happened, Steve designed & guided me through a plan.

When the attack came he was able to instantly stop the harassment. My book published on time and without a slap-down.

It was like watching legal-judo!”

Mike Kim

“You Are the Brand”

“The best money I’ve ever invested!”

Jim Benge

Dallas Angel Investor

& “Proud Shark”

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